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The Bereavement Journey

The Bereavement Journey

The Bereavement Journey is for anyone who has been bereaved at any time but would value time and safe space to process their grief.  It is a series of films and discussion groups that gently guide participants through the most common aspects of grief and bereavement, enabling them to process the implications for themselves and think about the next steps.
We will be running the course here at St Peter’s on Monday evenings from 12th February until 25th March (6:30 - 9:00 pm) in the Brostoff Hall.

Topics include:

• Attachment, separation and loss

• The pain and responses of grief

• Anger and guilt

• Coping with others’ reactions

• Delayed and suppressed grief

• Adjusting to change

• Moving forward healthily


Download a St Peter’s Course application form here. Or you can email Jan Edwards, St Peter’s Lay Pastoral Minister: or call the Parish Office: 07425 161 425

For general information visit:

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