What sort of church are we?

Welcome to the St Peter's

If you'd like to make contact with us during Covid-19 restrictions, do use this 'Welcome Email' template


A description of St Peter's in more normal times ...

We are a growing worshipping community of over 500 people, including around 150 children and young people. There are 21 acts of worship each week and it is possible to get something to eat or drink before, during or after almost every one of them! There are plenty of opportunities to get stuck in as a volunteer - or just to sit quietly and allow the community to carry you, if that's what you need just now. 

As you get to know us, we'd love the opportunity to get to know you. Do fill in a Welcome Card - available on the end of each pew - and hand it to one of the Clergy. The Vicar will then arrange to visit you at home or have coffee in town, to hear your story and to help you find your way around this extraordinary community of worship and service - seeking to follow Jesus in the whole of life. 

Our Vision and Values