St Peter’s Harrogate


Vision and Values

Our Values

Open: accepting of people without pre-condition or judgment.
Generous: seeking to be a sign of God’s generosity in the way we treat one another, and in our efforts to bless the town and wider world.
Engaged: engaged with our local community, responding to social need, and working to support one another in the challenge of following Jesus in everyday life.

Our Vision: Feeding Hungry People

Our vision is to be a community where people's hunger for belonging, purpose and God himself are ever more truly satisfied.
Belonging: A place where every person is accepted, known and valued.
Purpose: A place where every person is encouraged to live out their unique vocation.
Worship: A place where every person is enabled to offer whole-heart and whole-life worship to God.

Children and Young People

We believe that children and young people deserve our particular care and respect. We are committed to enabling them as individuals who are accepted, known and valued, are encouraged to discern and live out their vocation, and who are enabled to participate fully in worship.

Isolation and Loneliness

We recognise isolation and loneliness as one of the greatest challenges faced by many people living in Britain today. We are committed to valuing everyone, including those who commonly find themselves excluded or ignored in other contexts.

The Environment

The environment belongs to God and its care belongs to us as God’s people. As Christians, we each are called to participate in environmental care, most urgently to achieve net zero carbon. Loving the earth is to worship God and serve our neighbours.

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