THE TODDLER GROUP at St Peter's Church returns

The Toddler Group at St Peter's Church reopened last week. There will, naturally, be changes to our routine as we reopen so please see below for how this is going to work:

• ALL adults (unless exempt) MUST wear a mask or face shield.
• Adults will need to leave a gap of 1m between themselves and other adults.
• On the way into Church you will need to sanitise your child’s and your own hands. You will need to do this again when we head up to the Hall.
• BIGGEST change: you need to provide your own drinks and snacks for yourself and your child. You will not be able to share your snacks with other adults or children. We are unable to provide refreshments at this stage.
• We will be providing a register each week.
• As the toys will not be used within the week we will be able to use these each session.
• Singing is allowed between the leader and six other adults.

So, in a nutshell, things may be different in the early days, but it will be amazing to be able to open our doors again. We are aware that many of our toddlers will now be at school, so please spread the word and recruit friends who may be interested!

Frances Roxby-Proud, Toddler Group Leader