St Peter’s Harrogate


Come and celebrate on Easter Day!


This Easter Sunday, please remember to bring a flower for the flowering cross. A new cross, with the capacity to hold many, many flowers, has been created for this purpose - here it is on the left.

At all the services on Easter Day, please would you come ready to have your picture taken? The idea is to create a big montage of all our faces, with accompanying flowers, as part of an Everybody Welcome display in the foyer.

The plan is to have photo booths at both entrances - so it would be a great help if you could come to church a little earlier, or plan to stay a little later, than usual. If you’d rather not be included, that’s completely fine. If you’d like to be included but can’t get to church this Sunday, then just send me a picture of yourself with a flower or come ready to have your picture taken sometime in April. If you forget to bring a flower that’s okay too - we will have spares. We’ll try create the final display in time for Pentecost Sunday.

Alan Garrow, Vicar of St Peter's Church

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