Coronavirus Covid-19 Updates

St Peter’s Response to Coronavirus Covid-19
Version Sixteen 28.9.20

At present St Peter's is open for 'in person' worship (also streamed online) at 9.30am and 11.00am.
To register your interest in joining us for 'in person' worship please contact Carole Raw. To be kept right up to date ask Carole Raw to subscribe you to our weekly e-newsletter. 

Detailed information about 'in person' Sunday Worship

There is room for 23 households to be seated at distance from one another. Demand for the 9:30 am and 4.15pm services means that, sadly, we won’t be able to find a place for everyone who would like to join us every week. We hope, however, to be able to accommodate everyone alternately, if not every time. In the case of the 11:00 am service there is a good chance that those who wish to attend weekly will be able to do so. A booking system will, nevertheless, be used for all three services. Please let Carole Raw have your written request indicating:
1. the names of everyone in your household who wishes to attend;
2. which dates you can't attend.
3. the time of the service you would like to attend.
Carole will sent an confirmation email to everyone who is booked into a particular service (or will email your 'email buddy' if you don’t use email yourself).

Entrance will be through the Glass Foyer doors adjoining Primark – unless you have a particular reason for needing to use the West Doors. Please queue at distanced intervals outside this door. The doors will open fifteen minutes before the service is due to start. Bookings will only be honoured until 5 minutes before the service – so please be sure to get to Church early (or tell us if you are going to be late).

Entry and Face Coverings 
On entry please sanitise your hands using the automatic sanitiser stations. Face-coverings are now mandatory in churches, except for those with a valid reason for exemption. 

The Collection
The collection plate will not be circulated during the service. If you don’t give by standing order, please place your collection on the plate as you enter. A contactless device is also available.

The One-Way System
Broadly speaking, except where it is obviously safe to do otherwise, please travel down the side aisles and up the centre aisle.

We are only be using every other pew, with one household per pew (a single person, a couple, a family), in the North, South and Centre Aisles. Please choose an unoccupied, available pew and sit at a distance from those walking past to find their seat.

The Liturgy and Music
The liturgy will be projected on two screens. Both 9:30 and 11:00 services will be led from the dais. Music at the 9:30 service will be led from the piano with a small music group. Music at 11:00 will be led from the organ with a reduced choir. Readings, intercessions, preaching, etc., will all be led from a point accessible to a central camera. Congregational singing will not feature. Recorded music may be used at some points.

Sharing the Peace
The peace, if part of the service at all, will be shared at a distance.

Holy Communion
The prayer of consecration will be prayed over covered elements. The president will sanitise their hands immediately beforehand. Communicants are encouraged to form a distanced queue to a single standing station in front of the dais. The president will distribute a wafer, but not wine, without words of distribution. The president will wear a visor. Please indicate in advance if a gluten-free wafer is needed.

Leaving the building after the 9:30am service
If you are able, please leave via the West Doors so as not to interfere with anyone waiting to come in for the 11:00 am service. In the case of both services, please leave in a way that keeps distance between households.

Cleaning before and after
Volunteer cleaners will help prepare the worship space, clean previously occupied pews between services, and clean afterwards.

While use of toilets is not encouraged, the disabled toilet and those next to the Glass Foyer will be accessible for those who need them. They will also be cleaned after each service.

For the time being we will not be serving refreshments after the services, however bottled water is available for those who find they need it.

An opportunity and a challenge
Worship during lockdown has in many respects been a challenge, but it has also brought benefits. We have been forced to discover a way of including those who, even under normal circumstances, could not or would not have participated or joined us at all. Similarly, we have learned how images and recorded items can enhance various elements of our worship. As we progress into this new era it will be important to take with us the best of what we have learned, even as we reflect on those experiences that we will be truly grateful to leave behind.

A situation subject to constant change
As we have learned many times already, it is never possible to be completely confident what will work or how it will work. Thank you for your understanding when things don't go quite as planned.  

As we gradually open up for physical worship, St Peter's also continues in the following ways:

We continue to pray every day, Monday-Saturday at 8.00am and 5.00pm - we will be live-streaming these services on Facebook and Zoom.
The church building is open for private prayer Monday - Saturday 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

We continue to offer food to those in need:

Hot Breakfast
8.20-8.45am Monday - Saturday

Hot Meal (eat in or takeaway)
4.30-4.50pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Food Parcels
4.30-4.50pm Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Sunday Lunch
1.00-1.30pm Sundays

'In Person' and Online Worship
We live-stream two services on Sundays.
9.30am Holy Communion
11.00am Matins/Holy Communion (BCP)
These will be available via Facebook and via Zoom (see 'Worship Online' for how to join in)

Thursday Holy Communion takes place weekly.
11.00am Thursdays - in person only, not need to book. 
See the Calendar for details of Afternoon Church - in person only, booking required.
See the Calendar for details of Evening Worship - in person only, no booking required.

Weekly Communication
The Weekly News - is available online and in hard copy in the church building. 
If you have items or prayer points to include in the Weekly News, please contact Marian Chambers

Pastoral and Practical Support
When isolated from one another, human beings struggle to thrive. So if, in response to a crisis, we cut off all contact, we risk doing more damage than the harm we were initially trying to prevent. We need, therefore, to find ways to stay in touch without touching. If you need pastoral or practical support please contact us