Coronavirus Covid-19 Updates

St Peter’s Response to Coronavirus Covid-19
Version Six 31.3.20


In line with the Archbishops' advice St Peter's church building is now closed for all purposes except the essential food ministry.  
At the same time St Peter's Church (the whole body of Christ called to serve our town) continues in the following ways. 

We continue to pray every day, Monday-Saturday at 8.00am and 5.00pm - we will be live-streaming these services on Facebook and Zoom.
The church building is, however, no longer open for private prayer. 

We continue to offer food to those in need:
Monday - Saturday at St Peter's
8.20-8.45am Hot Breakfast 
4.00-4.45pm Hot Meal 
4.45-5.00pm Tins (and whatever else we have to give away) 

Sundays at St Peter's
1.00-2.00pm Hot Lunch 

Online Worship
We live-stream two services on Sundays.
9.30am Holy Communion
11.00am Matins
These will be available via Facebook and via Zoom (see 'Worship Online' for how to join in)

Weekly Communication
We plan to continue issuing the Weekly News - online and in hard copy available in the church. 
If you have items or prayer points to include in the Weekly News, please contact Marian Chambers 
[email protected]

Pastoral and Practical Support
When isolated from one another, human beings struggle to thrive. So if, in response to a crisis, we cut off all contact, we risk doing more damage than the harm we were initially trying to prevent. We need, therefore, to find ways to stay in touch without touching. As we become increasingly physically isolated from one another please keep us in touch with your situation and let us know if there is anything we can do to help. 

Alan Garrow 07761 017658 [email protected]
Chris Clayton 07407 258733 [email protected]
Patricia Stableford 01423 526767 [email protected]
Paul Medforth 07710 195834 [email protected]
Carole Raw 07425 161425  
Church Office 01423 568218 [email protected]